The Directory offers all sectors an easy-to-use and inexpensive forum for communicating sustainability initiatives to all Manitobans. The Directory is organized and searchable by sector, including government, crown corporations, businesses, K-12 and post-secondary institutions, Aboriginal and First Nation groups, community groups, non-profit organizations and associations. In addition to providing sector-specific information, the Directory catalogues knowledge on sustainability programs and materials according to sustainability theme, organization name, grade level, and/or region of the Province, and illustrates basic curriculum connections where applicable. The Directory also offers a calendar of sustainability-themed events. 

Who should use this Directory

 Sustainability organizations in both the public and private sectors will benefit from creating a profile on MSED. This includes a diverse range of professionals from the following areas:

  • Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments
  • Crown Corporations and other government agencies
  • Energy, Water and Waste Utilities
  • Education Institutions (K-12, Post-Secondary, Adult Learning Centres, Early Childhood Centres, Training Institutions) 
  • Schools, School Divisions/Districts
  • Regional Health Authorities
  • Aboriginal and First Nations Communities
  • Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations
  • Business and Industry
  • Associations (Business, School, Municipal, etc)