Education for Water Stewardship workshop

Using the themes of Water Stewardship and Sustainability Education (ESD), the Education for Water Stewardship workshop promotes student-led, community based action and learning on water stewardship that engages students in water activities and issues in their local watershed.

This day long workshop is a partnership between Green Manitoba and Learning for a Sustainable Future, during which time teachers are presented with an action project framework and the tools to construct their own classroom water stewardship learning activities.

These tools include, but are not limited to, discussion of Manitoba-based water initiatives organized by theme. The seven themes used in this workshop are: Sustainable Procurement, Aboriginal Perspectives, The Science of Water, Sustainable Agriculture, Water Infrastructure, Water and Industry and International Water Initiatives.

The Water Stewardship workshop promotes water stewardship initiatives that connect schools to their local environment and community. The pilot workshop provides educators with Manitoba curriculum-linked resources, accessible and relevant Manitoba learning resources and ongoing assistance to develop and implement water stewardship action projects.