Follow these five steps to list your sustainability organization and initiatives:

STEP 1: Ensure that your organization is based in Manitoba

This Directory is intended to serve only Manitoba-based sustainability providers. The term ‘Manitoba-based’ means that the organization must have a physical presence in the province. This may range from having a representative who lives and works full-time in Manitoba to having an organization and/or association based in Manitoba.

STEP 2: Verify that your initiative meets our listing criteria

To be listed in the Directory, your organization must self-declare that it meets the following criteria:

  1. Sustainability provider must be based in Manitoba (refer to Step 1).
  2. The organization's programs and services must attempt to integrate all three pillars of sustainability (economy, natural environment and social well-being). These linkages should be described in your profile.
  3. The program or service must provide an opportunity for public engagement and learning for sustainability.
  4. The program or service should help Manitobans acquire knowledge, skills, training, values and resources that contribute to a sustainable future.

NOTE: The MSID Directory is not intended to serve the interests of businesses that are selling green products or services relating to the Green Buildings Construction Industry. For these kinds of product listings, please visit the Manitoba Green Building Products Directory at

STEP 3: Review and agree to our Listing Agreement Terms and Conditions

Green Manitoba will not review or verify the accuracy of any claims made for programs listed in the Directory and therefore do not accept any liability for anyone who relies upon them.

Organizations that make false or misleading claims about their organization's ability to satisfy the Directory’s criteria will be delisted – although this is subject to an appeal process. Listings that are obviously false, misleading, in poor taste or offensive will be removed immediately from the Directory.

Please click here for a complete copy of the Listing Agreement Terms and Conditions that you must acknowledge.

STEP 4: Submit an annual $50.00 fee  Registration is NOW FREE - Thanks to our Sponsors!

Our goal is to strike a balance between ensuring that the Directory is economically sustainable and minimizing the listing cost for organizations. Any revenues from listing fees or sponsorships that are in excess of operating costs will be used to enhance and expand the functionality of the Directory.

An annual registration fee of $50.00 + GST is required to maintain the Directory’s presence and functionality. For more information on fee details and the payment process, please click here. 

STEP 5: List your organization and initiatives

Click here to list your sustainability organization, programs and services. Please ensure that you have the following information ready:

  1. A maximum 200-word description of your organization and program/services.
  2. Images for upload (available in jpeg format).
  3. Videos for upload (available in Flash - FLV format).
  4. Contact information (name, phone number, website, address, email).
  5. The geographical region of your organization and action projects.
  6. Relevant sustainability themes that link to your programs and services.
  7. Relevant curriculum connections that link to your program or service.

If you experience any difficulty during the registration process and would like to contact us for support or assistance, please click here.   

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