A Collaborative Effort

The idea for the Directory was borne out of the Manitoba Education for Sustainable Development Working
Group (MESDWG) in 2008. This Directory was realized through Green Manitoba’s effective partnership
with the MESDWG and the active engagement of its partners to build an informative single-window access
point for sustainability initiatives occurring in Manitoba.

Who We Are

Green Manitoba is a Special Operating Agency of the government of Manitoba under the Department of Conservation and Water Stweardship, the department responsible for environmental initiatives and water conservation across Manitoba.

Established in April 2006 and based in Downtown Winnipeg, Green Manitoba promotes sustainability
throughout Manitoba. It is an access point for customers to enhance their awareness and knowledge
about sustainability. It also act s as a fee-for-service delivery agent on behalf of these types of

  •  Federal, provincial and municipal governments
  • Crown Corporations and other government agencies
  • Energy, water and waste utilities
  • School division/districts and regional health authorities
  • Education institutions
  • Aboriginal and First Nations groups
  • Local community groups and non-profit organizations
  • Business and industry
  • Associations

The key areas of focus for Green Manitoba are improving waste minimization practices, encouraging
water conservation and energy efficiency, and reducing greenhouse gases and other emissions.

For more information about Green Manitoba, please refer to its web site at this link:

The Manitoba Education for Sustainable Development Working Group (MESDWG) was established
in December 2005. The purpose of the Working Group is to provide a focal point for all interested parties
to become involved and work together collaboratively to create a culture of Education for Sustainable
Development (ESD) in Manitoba. The MESDWG engage senior leaders from provincial Ministries, the
federal government, the formal, informal and non-formal education sectors, business, and community
organizations to determine the goals, priorities and objectives for ESD activities and the support required
for regional advancement.

For more information about the MESDWG, please refer to the web site at this link: www.mesdwg.org.